Sample Management
Sample management begins at the time of collection and proceeds through final sample disposal. To preserve the integrity of every sample, Vista Analytical Laboratory provides appropriate sample containers and preservatives in accordance with the applicable methodologies, ensures all sample handling and storage procedures comply with regulatory and project requirements, and ensures holding times are met.  Our Sample Control Department features an internal LIMS system for accurate log-in, spacious walk-in refrigerators and freezers, daily temperature monitoring, and cradle-to-grave Chain of Custody procedures.


Preparatory Laboratory
Vista has two separate sample preparation laboratories designed to maximize throughput.  Each lab provides chemists a safe, high capacity work environment.  Sample preparation capabilities include sample grinding and drying, MM5 air train preparation, supercritical fluid extraction, biological tissue processing and soil core sub-sampling.

Laboratory Instrumentation
The lowest detection limits in the industry: With five magnetic sector double focusing MicroMass High Resolution Mass Spectrometers, Vista provides the lowest detection limits in the industry.  What’s more, our instrument analysts have an extensive background with a wide variety of sample matrices for Dioxins/Furans, PAHs, PCBs and other semi-volatile organic compounds.  All laboratory instrumentation and testing equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with applicable methodologies to verify proper operation.

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